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Welcome to our Classrooms.



(6 weeks - 8months)

 Our butterfly classroom is where it all begins. The butterfly classroom is set up to allow our youngest babies to start exploring the world. They get tummy time to start building up those core muscles and they begin sitting at a community table to begin learning those social skills. Our butterfly room teachers have years of experience working with babies and are exceptional at being in tune with our babies needs.



(9 months - 15 months)

 Our caterpillar room is where you will find our mobile babies. In this room our babies are learning to crawl, pull themselves up and walk. We start with our creative curriculum with our mobile babies too. They get music time, active play, gross motor skills, outdoor play time and sensory sensations as well. They even get the opportunities to create mini art projects. Our caterpillar babies are fun loving, full of laughter and an extremely friendly group of babies.



(15 months - 2.5 years)

 Our ladybug classroom is full of laughter. Our ladybug children enjoy our creative curriculum as well. We promote basic language skills in order for them to guide us in assisting them with their needs. They start out with basic sign language for words like please, more and thank you. Our ladybug classroom has a daily schedule that is followed in order to give the children the comfort of knowing what is coming next.  Their lessons are hands on experiences so that they may discover the world around them at their own pace.



(2.5 years-3 years)

 The bumblebee classroom is full of energy. We begin to expand on the creative curriculum. We add more into their sign language lessons and begin starting them with basic Spanish words (colors, numbers, shapes). Most of the children begin their potty training journey in this room as well. They enjoy everything from music, gross motor skills, and art on a daily basis.



(3 years)

 The dragonfly room is the official start to our preschool program. They have a set schedule every day that is followed. Our teachers, focusing on early age development, are preparing our children for pre-k and kindergarten. There is a weekly theme that goes along with the creative curriculum. They learn about a variety of different topics; such as things in the ocean, the weather, farm animals and the environment. The teachers provide daily reports to show our parents the progress their children are making.




 The grasshopper classroom is our second preschool room. This room really gives our children that routine environment that they will be expecting



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